Friday, September 9, 2011

Georgia: Teach and Learn With Georgia - 2010-2011 Annual Report

A number of us volunteer teachers attended Teach and Learn with Georgia's presentation of its first annual report at one of the hotels in Tbilisi.

Georgia's Minister of Education was there, along with the TLG staff, teacher volunteers who work in or near Tbilisi, and, I think, some staff from various embassies. (By the way, TLG also brings native Italian and German speakers to Georgia to teach.)

There was quite a flurry of media in attendance.

I'm sure the Minister of Education felt disappointed that he had to depart so soon after the media left, with the consequence that he could not be with all of us as the TLG administrator presented the annual report.

After the report, we enjoyed Georgian wine, fresh juice, and some hors d'oevres. I met some really interesting TLGers at the reception. 'Course, I find most TLGers really interesting, in diverse ways, such as being well-read or well-traveled or with Louis L'Amourish serial work histories or who possess a sharp wit or who practice serenity in the face of challenge ... "interesting" is a long line of possibilities.

By the way, TLG has an offer that if an individual (i.e., me) refers someone to the program, and the new volunteer enters the program via TGL (and NOT through one of the recruiting agents), then the reference (as in --> me) will receive a bonus. Should anyone join up and use me as a reference while I'm still in Georgia, I will donate half of my bonus to the English Alive Academy in Ethiopia. Contact me for additional details.

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