Monday, September 12, 2011

Rustavi: My New Neighborhood in Old Rustavi

Old Rustavi, Caucasus Georgia. September 2011

When I arrived in Rustavi, I moved in with my temporary "police" host family. With the police program winding down for me, I've now moved to my permanent "school" host family. The former lives in New Rustavi; the latter in Old Rustavi.

I've been fortunate to be placed with two families whose members are so congenial. As an introvert, I need regular "cave time" away from people, especially when I spend most of my days "online" in the classroom. Thus far, the families have graciously allowed me to meet that need.

While it can't compete with Tbilisi, Old Rustavi is also beautiful. Lovely shade trees line the streets. Old World buildings with various and interesting faces draw one's attention, and it's both alarming and intriguing to observe how so many are disintegrating into the earth. There are hopeful signs of reclamation here and there. The largest plaza in Old Rustavi is even now undergoing a complete face lift.

And did I mention the trees in Old Rustavi? Looking out my new bedroom window, I see them.  And I see human-scale buildings across my shady street, instead of buildings designed to warehouse humans. I can breathe deeply in Old Rustavi.

Below is a slide show of my new neighborhood.

My Old Rustavi neighborhood

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