Friday, September 1, 2017

El Paso: Last Day

Texas rest area ladies' restroom, Interstate 10, between El Paso and Van Horn. August 2017.

Last day of August, 2017. My last day in El Paso.

My last day was not without drama.

But by the time I took this photo of one of Texas' artful rest area facilities, said drama was behind me.

It included:
  1. An unethical, downright crummy, pissant surprise from my landlords;
  2. A mostly flat tire that necessitated a call to AAA and a trip to a local auto shop, with my car filled to the gills with all of my worldly goods; and
  3. Meeting who would have been my new next-door neighbor - a very interesting academic from Australia - what a  bummer that I wouldn't learn some cool stuff from him! 

Some other last days:

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Anonymous said...

El Pasoans (and especially Viejitas for Choice) miss you, so come back and visit anytime.
Alfresco Friday's start this week.
Congratulations on your Senior Pass!