Wednesday, September 27, 2017

El Paso: Tumblewords Project: Salt

Salt Flat, Texas. March 2010.

Born in 1995, founded by Donna Snyder, the Tumblewords Project is a writing workshop that occurs every Saturday at the Memorial Park branch of the El Paso Library. Each week, a workshop leader suggests writing prompts to the participants; the prompts usually follow a theme the leader chooses for the session. Everyone is enthusiastically welcomed. If you're just passing through El Paso and happen to be in town on a Saturday afternoon, go! 

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One week the writing prompt was about something mundane. Like salt. ... Salt?! Did someone say salt?


Crystalline, cut,
Diamond crunch.

Salt, you
So maligned, so falsely accused as an
Agent of death
When you are of life, real.

"The little bite," or maybe the French would call you
"The little death" - oh, wait -
That's something else.

Deer, cows, horses, and I
Lick you up
From brown blocks or
Red tomatoes or sweaty hands or
Rims of cups.

If I were on the Atlantic, sailing,
Slapped by saltine spray,
Wouldn't I lick
My upper lip and then my lower to
Collect the salty residue,
That which
Jumps with life, absorbing your
Biting salinivity* and the
Sloughed DNA of the sea life you saturate?

The salt of the Earth,
Come to me.

*I made this word up. Creative license.

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