Wednesday, August 30, 2017

El Paso: The Tumblewords Project: Sounds

Flashing clouds, Sunset Heights, El Paso, Texas. August 2017.

August 2017

Born in 1995, founded by Donna Snyder, the Tumblewords Project is a writing workshop that occurs every Saturday at the Memorial Park branch of the El Paso Library. Each week, a workshop leader suggests writing prompts to the participants; the prompts usually follow a theme the leader chooses for the session. Everyone is enthusiastically welcomed. If you're just passing through El Paso and happen to be in town on a Saturday afternoon, go! 

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Below are two of my poetic attempts in response to the writing prompts that one week's leader gave us. Gosh, I wish I were more meticulous about writing dates and workshop leaders in my notes. I am embarrassed at the oversight. 

Outside My Window at Night

Train. Two blasts.
Mockingbird. Sweet syrup song.
Dogs. Bark Bark Bark Bark.

I Am the Center of the Universe

I moan in the pain.
A rosebush leaps from the ground to see what is happening.
Which is as it should be.
When I am in pain, it is about me and me and me. 

Clouds gather and darken and
Shed angry tears and
Shout epithets and shoot spears of
Shocking lasers.
All in alliance with me, my pain.

The wind, my El Paso sister,
Calls at my windows and door,
Swirling and screaming and
Sissing at my sorrow.
The unfairness of it all!
She agrees. 

The soil of the earth
Arcs up and around in 
Twists of infantile fury to 
Show its 
Fealty to my woes. 

The stars refuse to come out at night.
The moon grants only a slice of light.
The sun pulls his cover over.
All eclipse to
Signify their
Loyalty to me and my

Flashing clouds and barking dogs here:

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