Sunday, August 6, 2017

Missouri Flash Trip, Part 4: Come Ride With Me

Highway 54, between Alamogordo, NM, and El Paso, TX. July 2017.

July 2017

On the way back to El Paso from my Missouri Flash Trip

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, how nice it was to re-ride Highway 54 from Tucumcari to El Paso. I drove this path so many times when I lived in Alamogordo in 2012-2013.

Come with me. We'll listen to oh-so-good music on the way.

Here's Highway 54 mile marker 165, between Corona and Carrizozo, accompanied first by Connie G in Let the Good Times Roll, followed by Boozoo Chavis with Johnnie Billy Goat:

Here's Highway 54 mile marker 155, between Corona and Carrizozo, as we're a tiny audience to the renowned Canray Fontenot's quiet song, La Tabla Ronde:

Here's Highway 54 milepost 133, about 10 miles north of Carrizozo, being sung to by Cedric Watson's Bijou Creole:

I had to pull over to the side of the road between Carrizozo and Tularosa to take in the beauty of a train against the mountains and a splendid sky, while being serenaded by the now-deceased Buckwheat Zydeco, with Tee Nah Nah:

Close to home here, between Alamogordo and El Paso, accompanied by the Balfa Brothers performing La Danse de Mardi Gras:

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