Saturday, August 5, 2017

Missouri Flash Trip, Part 3: Hellfire Revisited

On my way back to El Paso from my Missouri Flash Trip, I passed through Alamogordo (my old home!) and stopped for dinner at the Subway on the north side.

This was in the ladies' room:

Hellfire in Alamogordo. July 2017.

I had just seen a family leave Subway after eating. What looked like a youngish dad with his youngish wife and two daughters. The woman and girls were dressed in the long skirts with the long hair that bespeak one of the ultra-conservative Christian sects that put women and girls into a box of submission. No different from the ultra-conservative Jewish sects or the ultra-conservative Muslim sects.

I have no patience for that kind of thing anymore, "that kind of thing" being the denial of an individual's rights to self-determination. In this case, a girl's or woman's rights to self-determination. Some people want to call this kind of thing "culture" or "religious freedom" as a way to deflect criticism. But it's nothing more than garden-variety oppression. It's on the same continuum of oppression as female circumcision, child marriage, and so-called honor killings.

So when I saw the pamphlet sitting on the white sink of the ladies' room, I picked it up, crumpled it, and put it in the trash. Then I walked across the way to the men's room and looked inside to see if there was a pamphlet in there that I could destroy. No.

On my way, then.

The flyer looked like the one I saw in Arkansas back in 2012, driving back home from a road trip to Louisiana:

Hellfire in Arkansas. January 2012.

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