Thursday, August 3, 2017

Missouri Flash Trip, Part 1: The Red Velvet Couch

July 2017

In July, I had to dash to Missouri for a turn-around trip.

There are some things you can do by email, post mail, phone, video conferences, or even fax (!), but some things require bodily presence.

So it was I ran to Missouri, requiring two overnights, three days travel time, and a few hours in Missouri to take care of a few minutes' business. 

My destination was a small town in Missouri. I didn't book a motel room in advance, because why would I? How many people go there at one time?

Well. It turns out that when said town hosts a statewide sports event for youth, ALL of the in-town motels are booked!

I had driven all day and it was night when I arrived. I didn't have a Plan B.

Thank goodness there was a motel about 15 miles out of town that had one room left. One. And it was affordable. I grabbed it.

Nothing was remarkable about the motel or my room except this: It had a red velvet couch.

Red velvet couch in motel, Missouri. July 2017.

I was entranced. Red velvet. Budget motel. How can one's mind not contemplate what this couch - love seat, more accurately - has seen and experienced?

I'm carried back to the love motels of Guatemala.

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