Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Mexico: The Freezing Fog

10:30 a.m. Alamogordo. Sunny. Warmish. In the low 50s perhaps.

Take Highway 54 west, headed for El Paso.

Go past the road to the Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, 14 miles west of Alamogordo.

In the Dog Canyon, at the foot of the park, we see a vast, thick white mist laying heavy over the canyon. My mother and I look at it as we drive by, respecting its grave beauty. 

About 20 miles from Alamogordo, we start noticing the low grasses alongside the road - so pretty with what appears to be icy tops glistening in the light. "Are they frozen?" we ask each other. 

We pass stalwart soaptree yuccas that line the road like armed men.

And then we disappear into the freezin' fog.

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