Friday, January 18, 2013

The Overnight Checklist

When I've got my shit together, here's what I do the night before an overnight road trip:
  1. Gas up the car
  2. Charge the camera batteries. (Note batteries, not battery. See here.) 
  3. Charge the phone. 
  4. Charge the mp3 player. 
  5. Print off or write down directions. **
  6. Print off or write down lodging information: phone number, reservation number if any. **
  7. Re-check the weather to make sure I pack the appropriate clothing.
  8. Set the alarm. Set two if it's important to get up super early. 
  9. I decide if I'm going to have a meal on the road, figure out what I'll have, and put it in/take it out of the freezer or prepare it .. .and pull out the desired cooler or other carrying case.
  10. Get my toiletry bag out so I can load it up the next morning. 

Road to Tucumcari from Las Vegas, New Mexico

**I don't have any GPS tools and I don't have a smart phone. 

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