Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rootless Freedom: A New Job!

I just received good news!

I've been accepted as an online English teacher for a company based in Europe, which has adult learners all over the world.

All of my experiences thus far with this company, which I'll call Artemis, have been professional, positive, and respectful of both its clients and prospective teachers. Good teaching materials. Decent income for this online-teaching newbie. (Not giddy-good, but decent.)

I've got the usual new-job jitters, of course. I will try to remember these life lessons. And to have fun. 

This new job gives me freedom to live anywhere in the world that has a high-speed internet connection.

Combined with another modest source of income I have, my compensation from Artemis will serve most of my financial needs.

This feels really good.

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