Saturday, December 31, 2011

Louisiana Road Trip 2011, Part 6: Cajun Country

I'm staying in a sweet little cottage in Arnaudville, Louisiana.

Like the cabin at Leroy Percy State Park, this cottage is only $60 per night. Scrumptious exterior, too, and I'll show that in a future post.

I lounged about all morning, then in the afternoon, ventured toward Breaux Bridge for lunch and a little exploring.

Glenda's Creole Kitchen

Today's lunch. Best meal of the trip so far. Glenda's Creole Kitchen.

I drove by Glenda's modest place, my head turning as I went by, then turned around and went back. This is exactly the kind of place I like to check out.
Gar boulettes at Glenda's Cajun Kitchen

I had gar boulettes. Giant fish balls. Spicy goodness. Normally, they would be smothered in gravy, but I took a pass on that. 

Wasn't til later that I learned Glenda's was visited by Anthony Bourdain earlier this year. 

I saw a house that was to be moved.

And I stopped at a satsuma stand (that also sold kumquats, oranges, and grapefruit). Satsuma (mandarin) oranges are juicy-juicy sweet. The skin slips off like a jacket. A little larger than a tangerine. I bought a five-pound bag for $5. Then the owner brought out four singles for me as a lagniappe. 

In Louisiana, they really like their crawfish:

I saw an above-ground cemetery:

"Is the roux in this aisle?" Hahaha! When a woman asked me that in Russell's market in Arnaudville this afternoon, I knew I wasn't in Missouri anymore. My first response was: "A what?" "A roux." "Sorry, I don't know." (Yes, you patronizing chucklers, I do know what a roux is. Some kind of sauce or gravy, right?)

Tonight, in my charming cottage, I did spy a roommate. It was big. Really big. I didn't scream like I did in Nazret when I saw its distant cousin. ... whoops, spoke too soon. Just saw another one. Eek!

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