Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Almost U.S. Destinations

There are some places I've almost been to in the U.S., but where, so far, it hasn't worked out for me to actually get there. These include:

Big Bend National Park. Credit: Frank Shepard.

Big Bend National Park in Texas. This is one of the least-visited national parks in the country. It's a good place to visit in the winter because of its warmth relative to other locations in the country.  The challenge for me has been that, although there is lodging in the park, it's over my budget. Backcountry camping is possible in some spots, but I like to be part of the herd in a "real" campground when I camp. For fear of bears, lions, and other scary critters. The attraction: Winter warmth. Beautiful scenery.

Canyon de Chelly, Credit: NPS

Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona. I've almost been here several times, but other stops in the region have been higher on my list, so I haven't made it yet. The attraction: Tony Hillerman mysteries. Beautiful scenery. History. Modern and traditional cultures.

Crawfish. Credit: Cajun Creations.

Lafayette area in Louisiana. As with Canyon de Chelly, I've been close, but not quite there. The attraction: Bayous. Live cajun and zydeco music. Crawfish (or, as we say in Missouri, crawdads). History. Culture. Winter warmth.

Next week, I think I'm finally gonna make it to Louisiana's cajun country.


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