Friday, December 9, 2011

Defensive Shopping


I almost pulled the trigger to buy two sets of long underwear at Wintersilks to keep me warm when I return to Rustavi, but that company charges shipping based on order price. I dislike this method, as:
  • The amount spent has only a limited relationship to the mass or weight of the item(s) to be shipped; and
  • The policy punishes customers who spend a lot.

I sent an email to the company asking about the shipping charge and received a reply back that talked about other issues, none of which related to mine.

It turns out that Land's End was a friendlier place for me to shop.

Credit: Land's End

Was the product at the first place better? Yes, maybe. But I wasn't willing to pay $18 shipping for it.


A TLG colleague in Gori has been without water for six days. Frozen pipes.

She is happy to be leaving for vacation today, with a hot hostel shower in Tbilisi tonight, before her plane leaves.

Six days. Damn.

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