Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Books, Books, Books

I hit the motherlode of children's books at the Jefferson City Salvation Army Thrift Store today. I'll add these to my more modest stash from Goodwill that I bought last week. They're for "my" public school in Rustavi, Kvemo Kartli, Georgia.

The school library, meager by any measure, has a tiny collection of English-language books. I'm hoping I'll be bringing enough so entire classes can have individual reading time or small-group reading time. My focus is on elementary-level English.

But speaking of books, and thinking also about English Alive Academy in Nazret, Ethiopia, it's possible to buy a gift certificate for the Ethiopian school at Better World Books. This company will email you the gift certificate, which you can then email to Stephanie and Dawit at English Alive Academy here. (Email address on right sidebar of the EAA blog.) They'll be able to select the books and related materials they need most ... and shipping is free!

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