Friday, December 30, 2011

Louisiana Road Trip 2011, Part 5: Natchez to Arnaudville

Road trip packing list. One of the great things about a road trip packing list is you can bring stuff with you that's too bulky for a plane or backpacking trip. Example: For this road trip, I brought my shelf stereo (similar to this) that I can take into my on-road lodgings for guaranteed beautiful sound in my habitat. Falls under the category of "comfort items."

Today I passed a few places that I want to revisit for a better view:

Credit: Cody Sewell
John James Audubon Bridge. A stunner from first glimpse to the final crossover. Two tall sentinals appear in the distance. As you reach the bridge, 22-karat gold rays expand toward you, then away, then toward, then away. 

It is emotionally uplifting to see the elegant execution of a mundane function - getting people from point A to point B.

In the video below, someone attempts to capture the bridge's beauty:

If I go back home via the same route, I'm going to take a try at filming the bridge myself.

Louisiana scenic drive. On Highway 77, almost a country lane, really, the scenery was lovely. On my right were swollen, marshy front yards occupied by egrets. On my left were lush green fields. Live oaks. Spanish moss. Meandering bayou.

Mississippi River from Natchez' Bluff Trail
Natchez. This morning, I had awakened in Natchez. Stayed at the Days Inn on Highway 61, which was not only budget-priced, but served dinner last night, for God's sake! And it wasn't bad either, chicken cacciatore, green beans, and corn muffins. Microwave and fridge in the room plus free wifi. And the staff reflected warm Southern hospitality with friendly greetings and swift, effective remedies to a few issues I encountered in my room.

If you're into casino gambling and plantation tours, then Vicksburg and Natchez will probably keep you delighted for at least two days. I'm not into either of those things, so while the two towns are pleasant, I felt satisfied with the one-nighters in each.

Uptown Grocery, Canal Street, Natchez
In Natchez, I drove downtown and parked in the stupendous Natchez visitor center's lot, which is on the bluff over the Mississippi River. I walked from the visitor center to Natchez' Bluff Trail and its end, then back and down to "Under the Hill" for an indifferent lunch at a riverfront place. Then chugged up, up, up the hill back to the visitor center, and took off for Arnaudville, Louisiana.


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