Sunday, January 1, 2012

Louisiana Road Trip 2011, Part 7: Cajun Country

Monthly jam at Tom's Fiddle & Bow

It's hard to push myself out the cottage door to explore, I'm enjoying so much the quiet daytime solitude inside.

Nevertheless, I did push myself outside and I went for a walk in Arnaudville. I saw a number of cars parked along a side street and went to investigate. Happily, I learned it was the monthly jam at Toms' Fiddle & Bow shop.

Maybe up to 15 men and women playing the fiddle, guitar, accordian, and cello. Singing, too.

Everyone fit tightly but comfortably in the front room, which housed dozens of hanging fiddles and eccentric art pieces.

The ambiance reminded me of bluegrass jams in Missouri and of ceilidhs in Cape Breton.

Tom, the owner, sat on a high, cushioned bench with his Chinese crested hairless dog. Both were friendly. Tom kindly gave me a local paper that lists this week's area music venues.

Later in the afternoon, I took off for Henderson to listen to zydeco at Whiskey River Landing under the Henderson Levee.  Music every Sunday evening. Tonight was Geno Delafose and French Rockin' Boogie.

Vehicles parked below, on the side of and on top of the levee. Cowboy hats. Boots. Ten bucks at the door. Three dollars for a bottle of beer.

Packed dance floor. Many smiles. Kicking music. One of the musicians continuously looked out at the audience, scanning the folks having a good time, while he played his vest frottoir and chewed gum. I wondered what he was thinking; he seemed to be enjoying himself. A perfect perpetual motion thing perhaps: He gives energy via his music, the audience gives him energy in their good-time dancing or toe-tapping, he gives energy via his music ...

It was still light when I arrived at the landing. I saw a row of houseboats.

A pretty big houseboat looked permanently docked next to the bar.

A beautiful marshy view from the bar.

I took my try at a dance ("1,2,3. 1,2,3.").

I really must learn how to dance.

Today, I also booked a room for part of my time in Dubai later this month. It's a tiny studio flat downtown. 

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