Friday, January 20, 2012

Dubai: The Creek - Bur Dubai side

I took the one-dirham taxi over to the other side of the Creek, which placed me in the section of Dubai called Bur Dubai. Had lunch in a restaurant by the water.

Those are delectable little spinach-filled samosas, by the way, though they're called sambouseks here.

The coffee is "American" coffee. I'd asked for an americano, but I'm thinking this is either brewed or instant. I have no idea what the folks here consider to be "American" coffee.

I watch a cargo ship go by. Two men stand atop the goods, surveying the city around them. One man lifts his arms to the sky in a kingly manner and shouts something. I guess it's along the lines of: "Dubai! Here I am! I'm special!  I will conquer you!"

I see airplanes often in Dubai. The airport is near. The planes climb between buildings. The brain files information, I believe, by associations. So it is interesting to me how I associate these frequent planes, so close to the buildings, with 9/11.

I suppose it goes like this in my brain: Airplane flying - proximity to urban buildings - Dubai - middle east - Islamists**.

Add to that: In Dubai, there is a World Trade Center. Also, the world's-highest-building, the Al Burj, looks very similar to a proposed replacement for our own World Trade Center --> that single finger pointing to the sky, with bravado, perhaps.

But the reality is this: The planes are cargo ships loading and off-loading consumers and dealer-makers.

Some more Creek scenes:

** I use the term Islamist with deliberation. An Islamist (or alternatively, a Christianist or Judist, hmm, that last doesn't sound right) perverts religious tenets to justify the control or manipulation of others through coercive means.  As such, Islamists were responsible for 9/11, not Muslims.

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