Friday, January 27, 2012

Rustavi: Warmth Strategies

It's cold, and with no central heat and no roaring woodstove, my body is almost always in a state of clench, a pre-shivers sort of condition. Dubai's sunny warmth is but a fond memory today.

Here are some things that help warm me up temporarily:

Today's lunch, for example, a potato-and-beef soup made by Nely - along with the shot of chacha:

In bed at night, the hot water bottle:

... and the layered night-time clothing, three layers on top and two layers on bottom. Also, two duvets. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'd actually be warmer with just one duvet (something to do with the fluffy air inside), but I'm too scared of the cold to test that theory. Maybe I should just ask Nely.

In the kitchen with the door kept closed, the gas burner keeps that room toasty.

When it gets very, very, very cold in my room, I put this on for a little while:

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