Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to Georgia: Packing Again

Today is Tuesday. Leaving for Rustavi, Georgia, on Thursday. 

The suitcases are laid open. I've started filling them.

The children's books I'm taking with me weigh 25 pounds. A quarter of my checked-luggage allotment. I've got home-made canned goods to bring back to Georgia to show those folks what's what, and those damn pickles are heavy!

Too soon to tell if I'm going to have to edit my packing list.

New things I'm bringing:
  • Two sets of long underwear (which will bring me to three pairs to counter Georgia's winter)
  • Small coffee thermos for long marshrutka rides to fun places
  • Scarves
  • Rain poncho
  • Walking poles
  • Gloves
  • Tennis shoes
  • More comfortable flats than what I took in July
  • Ziploc bags (quart size)
  • Ibuprofen, acetominaphen, aspirin
  • Two new pairs of trousers
  • Ziploc plastic containers for in-country travel and for bringing lunch from home to work

I left one of my suitcases in Georgia, so for my return, I bought a second-hand one for $6 at the local donation-type store.

My goal is always to be pretty much ready a day in advance of my trip. But usually I'm stressing myself out with last-minute things on the final day. Maybe this time will be different.

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