Thursday, January 26, 2017

El Paso: The Thanksgiving Parade, Part 3: Moving

El Paso Thanksgiving Parade 2016, El Paso, Texas.

A few years ago, when I started posting marching bands and other parade units onto my Youtube channel, I noticed that members of these units found them and, presumably, enjoyed them. I have come to see these videos as a service, especially to high school students.

In the Riverside High School video below, I smile each time I watch the local news crew march alongside, starting around 0:38:

The movies are a moving snapshot of a moment in the students' lives that they can view as often as they wish, even some day showing their future beloveds.

I laugh out loud every time I watch this Ysleta High School video - at 0:25:

Of course, many parents also shot videos, but if their parents are like most casual photographers, those videos might be looked at a few times on the parents' phones - and maybe a Facebook post - but otherwise, I suspect they slip silently into a virtual shoe box in a corner of a dim closet.

How can I not share the El Paso High School Drum Corps warm up here:

And, gosh, isn't it kinda cool when someone other than your family films you? I mean, your family has to like you.

Here's Andress High School Marching Band, with a bit of drum work that turns my head, literally:

In this post, I highlight only a few of the 2016 El Paso Thanksgiving Parade videos. But if you cannot get enough of hometown parades, no worries, there are 27 of them (!) over here.

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