Thursday, January 12, 2017

El Paso Sister: Juarez: The Name of the City

El Paso, Texas - This way to Juarez. September 2016.

Before I came to El Paso, I pronounced "Juarez" as: War' - dez, with the 1st syllable slow and easy like a shallow, lazy river.

But almost immediately upon arrival, I heard it pronounced like this: Wah' - des, with the 1st syllable brisk and even a little attitudinal, like an irritated mother asking a pesky child, "whaddayouwant"?

Originally, the city of Juarez had the name El Paso del Norte. The city's name changed in 1888 to Juarez, in honor of Benito Juarez,  who served five terms, not all consecutively, as President of Mexico. Mr. Juarez died in 1872 during his fifth presidential term. It is an understatement to note that he played several historic roles in Mexico during extremely turbulent times.

Some vintage postcards of 1930s Juarez from El Gringo Suelto.

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