Friday, April 12, 2013

New Mexico: White-Winged Doves

White-winged dove. Credit: Wikicommons

Yes, I know the roadrunner is New Mexico's state bird, but if one were to identify the state bird by population and ubiquitous background sound, it would have to be the white-winged dove.

I love birds and I love to hear them singing. So it has come as a surprise that, like a favorite song that loses its charm after you play it for the 1000th time, and then you begin to feel bored with it, and then irritated, and then take an active dislike to it and never want to hear it again .... well, I'm not at that point with the sound of white-winged doves that are everywhere I go in New Mexico, but let's just say there are moments when I want to say to these doves, "shut. up."

Or play this sound.


Anonymous said...

Completely agree, especially when I'm trying to sleep! I'm always happy when September comes and the doves fly south

Mzuri said...

Hahaha, I don't remember any respite from the doves while in Alamogordo, except for a few days. In my new temporary home, I hear discordant fish crows and melodic mockingbirds.