Friday, April 19, 2013

Navajo Lake State Park, NM: Memories of a Time Lost

Navajo Dam spillway, New Mexico

A few years ago, on a trip out west, I got lost and ended up in Colorado instead of New Mexico. I distinctly remember going past the Navajo Dam and the lake and thinking, "Ooh, pretty place, I should come back here some day, but for now I don't know where I am and it's getting dark, and I won't be able to see, and I'm lost. Oh my." (Back then, I couldn't see well at night, but now I can.) I'd started the day in Monument Valley and I was headed east; I don't remember now what my destination was, but I know it wasn't Durango, Ignacio, or Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I ended up spending the night in Ignacio, by the way.

San Juan River valley, low side of Navajo Dam, New Mexico

I couldn't have imagined then that I'd come to live in New Mexico for a year. It was satisfying to swing by here again.


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