Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Mexico: Roaches and Other Unpretty Neighbors

When I looked into moving to New Mexico, I didn't think to look at the insect situation.

Now that I'm in my apartment, it seems I see one roach per evening scuttling through my place, each a different brand. I've smashed all but one of the unwanted pests.

So now I have done a little research on the insect - specifically roach - population in Alamogordo (and hereabouts) and discovered they're quite the ubiquitous little plague.

But by the way, here's a great photo of that insect hanging out in my park campsite last week:

Vinegarone, or whip scorpion. Credit: New Mexico Pest Management

And here's a group shot of the various roach species in these parts:

Roaches in the Alamogordo area. Credit: New Mexico Pest Management

All I can say is: Ew. 

I've got some breaks in my perimeter that need to be closed up, such as a seal at the base of my front door and something to close off a gap between my two French doors. Actually a somewhat narrow snake could crawl through there. (Do snakes eat roaches?)

It's a policy of my apartment complex owners not to tack down the carpet, so as you might imagine, beneath the carpet (new though it may be) could be a veritable roach metropolis. 

Now don't start thinking I don't like my new place, because I do. It's just that it looks like I'm going to have to get a little bad ass around here to protect my homestead. I'm reading that battening down the aforementioned hatches and boric acid can be effective.

Here's an amusing conversation about roaches in Alamogordo and Truth or Consequences. 

But still. Nothing compares thus far with the gigantic roach in Azeb's bathroom

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