Monday, October 29, 2012

Persimmons, Again

Persimmons are a staple of Caucasus Georgia's daily fruit, when in season. Or when not in season, dried.

Last week, I saw a persimmon tree in La Luz, New Mexico.

Today, there is an article in the New York Times, In Praise of Persimmons in Fall. Amen.

Some day, I hope there are thousands upon thousands of persimmon trees in America. I will profess a bias for the non-astringent type such as Huya.

My previous hostess, Nely, liked fresh and dried persimmons, but she especially loved persimmons when they were overly-ripe, almost rotten, at which point she scooped out the innards with a spoon and delivered the decayed gloopy mess directly to her mouth.  Shudder. 

Dried persimmon, Rustavi, Georgia


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