Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rootless Relocation, Part 10b: House Hunters Alamogordo: The Decision

In Part 10a, I introduced my housing choices in Alamogordo:

Three apartments. Which will she choose?

  • Apartment #1: Amenities for a price
  • Apartment #2: Two bedrooms but kind of isolated
  • Apartment #3: One bedroom but cute

If you'll recall, I arrived in Alamogordo on Monday, September 24, and looked at the above three finalists on the same day.

#1 had no vacancies, but I left an application in case something opened up in the next few days.

On Tuesday, I returned for a second look at options #2 and #3. I went ahead and completed the application for these properties (both offered by the same realty), paying $30 for the privilege (which included a credit check). The property manager would run my credit while I looked at the two properties again.

When I returned, my credit check had been completed (and the property manager immediately gave me a copy of my report) and I was ready to make a decision.

Ruled out

After the second look, I ruled out the two-bedroom place.

There was nothing really wrong with the space. It was workable, and I liked that it had the 2nd bedroom, but the living room was tiny. But even this wasn't a huge deal because I don't need a lot of space. Nevertheless, what I had here were three segregated rooms - I guess it was the flow that felt off-putting. The shared courtyard accessed via the front door was pleasant, but the sun really beat down on it and the door was flanked by two large shrubs, both factors making it a challenge to make a little shady spot for me to sit outside and read or just enjoy the fresh air.

Also, the neighborhood, although nice enough, had a barren feel to it. Not much to deflect the sun vegetatively or architecturally. I'm a shade-loving girl, so this was a negative.

Rent = $400. 

I chose ...

My perfect place was option #1, the large apartment complex, but there were no vacancies, alas!

But I was lucky in that there was a lot to love in option #3, the one-bedroom with a private little courtyard.

The kitchen was completely open to the living room with a spacious counter top in between, perfectly suited for my dining and computer work. The back door and windows overlooked the sweet little courtyard - all mine! - that had a petite shade tree. An adobe wall with a lockable gate separated the courtyard from my designated parking space.

The apartment was on a little cul-de-sac off of a secondary street, so it provided easy access to the main parts of town but without too much traffic.

I jotted down some maintenance issues to share with the property managers, and we agreed they'd discuss same with the property owner and they'd give me a call the next day re: his willingness to do what I wanted him to do. In the meantime, I said, I'd call the apartment complex for #1 on the off chance something had opened up. (The property managers knew this had been my first choice from the get go.)

But what's this?

The next day, I called the staffer at the #1 option in the apartment complex. He said something cryptic: "I think I'll have some information for you in about an hour and a half. I'll call you then."

I waited.

And then: "The owners have a question about your ability to pay the rent. But I have a one-bedroom apartment I can show you that's already rented, but the new renter hasn't move in yet. If you want to see it."

No hesitation on my part: 'Yes!"

I went over to the complex at the agreed-upon time. First things first, about my application. The staffer explained that the owners were concerned about my income stream.

I wondered aloud if my sterling credit rating would reassure the owners, and by the way, I just happen to have a copy of my fresh-off-the-press credit report! Would the owners like to have it?

Yup, they would, so I handed it over.

So we went to look at the one bedroom apartment. He had shown me a two-bedroom apartment when I arrived on Monday, two days earlier, as that was all that was available to view then.

The one bedroom. Love. Love. Love. It was perfect for my needs. The den, a small room off the living room, although it had no door, was the ideal size for a guest room. French doors (swoon!) led out to a common green space. Ceiling fans in every room. Mmmm, ceiling fans.   

And then came the climax: Several military renters had just received deployment papers, thus there would be several vacancies. Available on Tuesday, one week hence. Rent = $475.

Do I want one?

I chose again


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