Friday, September 21, 2012

Rootless Relocation, Part 8: D-Day Minus One


Today is the last day of summer. I thought it (the 21st) was the first day of autumn, but no, it seems to move from year to year.

A good omen, though, beginning the move to my new base on the first day of a new season.

The closet of my temporary base in Missouri is empty.

My mother's garage no longer stores my camping gear; it is now lined up alongside my car, ready for loading.

Suitcases packed.

Chacha packed. I wonder if there are Georgians in Alamogordo. If I find any, I will share Neli and Irakli's fine chacha with them. (This time last year I was just starting to teach at the school in Rustavi.) 

Irakli, who makes fine chacha in Kardanakhi

All of my worldly belongings - all of my tangible property - will be in my car. If something doesn't fit, then it'll have to go to a new home.

This afternoon, I took a box of children's books to the local Adoption and Foster Care Support Group. The group will either sell them at a fundraising event soon or distribute them to kids in the system. Whatever they do works for me. I'd bought them to take to "my" school in Rustavi, but I just couldn't make them fit in my luggage, so I had to leave these behind.

My mother made me a special farewell lunch (and last night made me a special farewell dinner).

Tonight my daughter, son-in-law, and I will share in a mutual send-off, as I leave for New Mexico and they on a cruise. 


Got everything into the car with only two sacrifices.

Insanely, I still have a bin of my paperback sci-fi classics. I had to take these books out of the plastic bin they were in and put them in a bag, leaving the bin for a family member to claim.  I'll slowly release these books into the wild as I cross America and New Mexico.

Earlier in the day, I realized a cooler had bit the dust, so I've laid it to rest.


Sus said...

"... sometimes defined as grape brandy or grappa, sometimes as grape vodka..." I like the sound of this! LOL

Have a safe journey down here!

Jen2010 said...

Well today is the day! Your mind is clear and crisp and focused. Be wide open for this new phase in your life, it has been a long time coming.