Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rootless Relocation, Part 10a: House Hunters Alamogordo

Back here, I described my apartment hunting experiences on one afternoon.

Now, I found myself in a classic House Hunters scenario.

Three apartments. Which will she choose?
  • Apartment #1: Amenities for a price
  • Apartment #2: Two bedrooms but kind of isolated
  • Apartment #3: One bedroom but cute

Apartment #1: Amenities for a price

The pros: 
  1. In familiar territory, I wouldn't normally find this a desirable quality, but in terra incognita, I do: It's a large apartment complex, which means I'm in the middle of a herd, which feels more secure. 
  2. Ceiling fans
  3. The one bedrooms have a den, making guest accommodation nice
  4. Beautiful landscaping
  5. Swimming pool that I might not use much, but which would be nice for my guests
  6. Small gym
  7. It's in a part of town that's fairly close to city center
  8. A bit of outdoor space
  9. Laundry facilities on site, free use

The cons:
  1. Although under my budget of $500, it's significantly more expensive than options #2 or #3
  2. Carpeted floors, which will require the purchase of a vacuum cleaner
  3. If I'm on the ground floor, noise from foot traffic in the unit above mine may be an issue, especially if there are kids
  4. There is not currently a unit available to me, so I may have to wait for a vacancy to move in, and I may have to take whatever opens up first, regardless if it's ground or second floor; or a two-bedroom versus one bedroom. (The two-bedroom is still under my $500 cap, but really, it's more space than I need or want to heat or cool.) 

The squishy:
  1. I really like the complex, based on no tangible reason. 
  2. The air conditioning factor is a plus/minus. On the plus side, it's familiar and reliable, independent of humidity. On the con side, it's definitely a budget concern.   

Apartment #2: Two bedrooms but kind of isolated

  1. At least $75 cheaper than option #1
  2. Two bedrooms, meaning private accommodations for guests
  3. An exterior courtyard that is pleasant
  4. An old, but kind of charming little kitchen
  5. Laundry facilities are steps away
  6. It's vacant, so occupancy is almost immediate
  7. No upstairs neighbors to make noise above my head

  1. Although the place isn't isolated, it kind of feels isolated
  2. The vibe seems a bit more staid than I'd like

The squishy: 
  1. This apartment is perfectly suitable for my needs, but I'm not in love with it. 
  2. Swamp cooler, about which I feel ambivalent.

Apartment #3: One bedroom but cute


  1. At least $75 cheaper than option #1
  2. Tile floor throughout which means easy maintenance and no vacuum purchase
  3. A private little gated courtyard with a sweet little tree, all for me
  4. Designated parking spot
  5. A breakfast bar
  6. It's vacant, so occupancy is almost immediate
  7. Kitchen is large enough to accommodate a small table, though I'd probably not use it for that 
  8. No upstairs neighbors to make noise above my head
  9. It's in a little cul-de-sac with some other buildings, all of which seem well-maintained

  1. Will the owner do some of the minor maintenance tasks I've asked about? If no, will that be a deal breaker for me?
  2. Accommodating guests will be more difficult than in the other two options, as there's only the one bedroom and the very small living room
  3. One of the tenants has a derelict car parked right in front and the property managers seem uninterested in talking about it to the tenant who owns it

The Squishy:
  1. At the moment, I don't have a bed. While I could make do indefinitely in my sleeping bags on a carpeted floor, that just ain't gonna work on a tile floor.
  2. There's a little free-standing fireplace in the corner of the living room that adds charm, but that also takes up space. At the end of the day, it doesn't add value to the place, but it doesn't take it away, either.

So, which will she choose?

Stay tuned.


AE Challinor said...

$500 for a two-bedroom. I nearly died.

Mzuri said...

Then maybe I shouldn't tell you the two-bedroom place (option #2) is only $400 per month. As is the private little courtyard place, albeit one bedroom. Option #1 is $475; a two-bedroom in the same place is $495 (and also has a den).