Monday, September 24, 2012

On the Road to Alamogordo, Day 3: Welcome to New Mexico

I left Roswell, NM, for my final leg to Alamogordo about 10:00 a.m.

Bought a postcard at the motel, then went to the Roswell post office to get postcard stamps. I know, who sends postcards anymore? Well, there are two littl'uns in Missouri that I'm going to try and send one postcard a week to.

Gassed up.

And I was on my way to my new home base.

Somewhere past Hondo, I passed by something I love about New Mexico. Someone had placed an altar in a niche on the mountainside. But it wasn't just an altar. It was art and a personal plea, too. By that I mean, for example, in the Midwest, it's not uncommon to have a Madonna statue in a yard, perhaps surrounded by flowers or a small pond. Sometimes instead of a Madonna, there's a St. Francis.

But look at this altar. There's the red paint, the arrows, the supplication "God Bless Us."  There's red paint inside the alcove also.

Near Hondo, New Mexico.

Near Hondo, New Mexico.

I stopped in Ruidoso at the Billy the Kid visitor center for a pit stop. And there, I received my first "welcome to New Mexico" from the woman on duty, upon learning I was going to be a New Mexican for a year. It was nice.

Billy the Kid Visitor Center, Ruidoso, New Mexico.

The view of the masses of yellow flowers on a nearby mountainside was uplifting.

View from Billy the Kid Visitor Center, Ruidoso, New Mexico.

A few days ago, one of my uncles told me about a trip he took to the Ruidoso or Cloudcroft area many years ago. He came upon a dramatic view that stuck in his memory -- seeing the vast white sands in the plain below.

So I was driving from Ruidoso and I noticed a distinctive mountain on the left and then .. that dramatic view my uncle saw. I pulled over to the shoulder. A biker was already there with his camera. 

View of White Sands, New Mexico

View of White Sands, New Mexico

 A little farther along the road, I got a different take.

View of White Sands, New Mexico

And so I proceeded on my way.

In short order, there I was. In Alamogordo, my new home.

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