Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bucket Lists

Crepuscular #4


Every couple of years, I look at what I call my goals list, but what others might call a bucket list. I created mine almost 29 years ago.

Out of nine dream jobs I listed, eight involved working overseas (see "inevitable"). The exception was to be a chimp trainer, a la Roger Fouts and my chimpanzee heroine, Washoe. One of the nine dream jobs I crossed off my list a long time ago as being no longer interested in, was that of working for the CIA. Just couldn't stand all of those invasive questions on their application. Yes, I know. The irony.

Another item on my list - as yet to be achieved - is to hire and maintain a housekeeper. It's the maintaining part that's important. Come home, the house always clean, dinner ready.

I have a list of people I wanted to meet or correspond with. Some have died, putting them out of reach (although...), such as Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn. I didn't meet or correspond with Robert Heinlein before he died, but I got pretty close when his wife replied to a letter I wrote to Mr. Heinlein. I have a postcard from Isaac Asimov that he sent me in response to a letter I wrote him.  I met Maya Angelou (using the word "met" broadly, if you include standing in line just for the opportunity to stammer something really banal, after I followed a truly eloquent colleage who had said to Ms. Angelou everything I could possibly have wanted to say).

I don't think I'll be learning Russian, but I'm not x'ing it off the list yet.

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Other people's bucket lists

I was going to put up some links about other people's bucket lists, but there are so many. Just google on "bucket lists" and 10 bajillion will come up. 

Dwan Light Sanctuary #4, Montezuma, New Mexico

So instead ...  

Here are a couple of resources I like. I've referenced them in workshops I've developed** to help people look at life goals, changes, and happiness. Or bucket lists.

Bias disclaimer: If a potential resource makes any reference to "find your passion" [gag], I tend to skip by.  

The Dash video. A little corny, but even so, inspirational. It will probably make you cry, so have some kleenex handy.

A Simple System to Achieve Your Goals - download the "whole package." Personally, I think the workbook stands alone just fine, but you might enjoy the book part. It's free, but you can also shoot Paul Myers (the author) some money.  The workbook is exhaustive. It's not simple at all, really. But by God, you'll have some things on your goal or bucket list when you're done. And maybe take a whole new path in life. 

Not sure why I'm feeling the urge to insert this book here, but I'll go with the mental flow. Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Small book, but one guaranteed to provoke serious contemplation.

I don't get any compensation for the above plugs. I just like 'em.

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**Oh, did I never mention that I can design and deliver workshops for front-line through executive staff that pertain to all kinds of cool stuff?

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