Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tbilisi: A Walk Along the River Mtkvari

In Tbilisi, there is a beautiful walkway along the River Mtkvari.

(I used to struggle with the pronunciation of this river's name, but now that I've been in Georgia awhile, I've embraced the Georgians' use of "w" in lieu of "v" in my pronunciations, so it's easy to say: Mut-kwah-dee ... I think I could even get away with saying: Muh-kwa-dee. By the way, Georgians don't even have the "w" sound in their alphabet, and I think many would disavow the existence of the "w" sound in their pronunciation, but it's there all the same.)

Today was the day for me to enjoy the walk. Slide show below:

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the pronunciation help. I'll need it later this month.