Monday, August 8, 2011

Rustavi: Hijacked!

On my way home from work today, I walked by the neighbors of the building behind me. Several women sat outside; I looked over, smiled, and said hello. One woman called me over and within 10 minutes, I was the esteemed guest at a spontaneous, al fresco supra. It started innocently enough with a bowl of chilled, cut watermelon, but before my eyes appeared a tablecloth, then out came dishes contributed from all of the women: bread, beans, boiled meat (then roasted) in a walnut sauce, roast meat in a mashed potato concoction, beet salad, and a cole slaw. Then a bottle of cognac appeared, and after we ate, coffee.  

It was all delicious.

There were toasts - indeed, all of my family, friends, and countrymen should be feeling right blessed by now with all of the warm toasts to their health and fortune from Georgians. Fortunately, one of my hostesses' neighbors, Tia, who speaks a little English, happened to walk by on the way to the market, and she, too, was hijacked. Tia's translations helped ease the conversation among all of us.

I asked Tia if she'd call my hostess to let her know where I was, and she reassured me she'd already done so. It happened that Nino was out marketing, anyway. But soon she came by, as well. As did Mary (of Mary's garden).

It was all quite special. 

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