Friday, August 19, 2011

Rustavi: Daily Bread

Tia serves khinkali
Georgians are rightfully proud of their cuisine - the khinkali, khachapuri, grilled and roasted meats, eggplant in walnut sauce, and other delicacies.

Many (perhaps most?) Georgian families can boast of their family cheeses, family wines and other alcoholic beverages, family jams and preserves, and other home-made fare.

I've especially appreciated the breadth of the Georgian vegetarian dishes. Boiled and spiced beans, tomato stew, tomato and cucumber salad dressed with fresh basil or cilantro, pastas garnished with a bit of biting cheese and sunflower oil, beet salad (and I don't even like beets), soups, carrot salad, stuffed peppers ...

Here is what Nino made for lunch recently:

Stuffed peppers (vegetarian)

Stuffed peppers, cole slaw, cheese, tomatoes/cucumbers/pepper, vegetable puree

Households generally buy bread daily (or every other day) from the nearest market. Actually, the bread is ..... OK. I suspect Georgia has gone over to the white-bread thing, with much of the character processed out. There is a flat, pita-like bread, however, that is pretty good if fresh.

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