Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rustavi: Coffee with Mary 2

Mary 2 (so I can distinguish her from Mary of Mary's Garden) invited me to coffee. Mary 2 is a neighbor in our building.

I expected coffee.

What I discovered upon arrival were neighbors Mari and Tia (sisters) and a beautiful repast. It included:

Chacha (a Georgian alcoholic drink, which Mary 2 made herself)
Eggplant with walnut sauce
Homemade pickles (not dill and not sweet - tart and vinegary)
Pastry filled with boiled potatoes
A sliced banana 
Beans, nicely spiced
Cheese made in Mary 2's village
Tomato salad
Coffee to finish

Mary 2

View from Mary 2's window

Sisters Mari and Tia

There was an Old World ambiance about the lighting, the setting, our talk. Quite nice.

Today's Building Behind Me:

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