Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tbilisi: Erekle II Street

On Saturday, I had the best Americano - so far - that I've had in Georgia. At the Kala Cafe on Erekle II Street, a tiny little artists' lane.

Loved the name of this place -- "KGB Still Watching You"

"KGB Still Watching You" interior

My Americano and an English-language Georgian paper, Kala Cafe

Love the bucket sink! What a great idea! Kala Cafe.

The colors of this little gallery caught me:

Update: Photo additions a couple of weeks later. This from a hidden residential complex behind large metal doors along Erekle Street. 

Having now visited Cafe Kala twice, my original swoon was tempered by not-very-good (but very expensive) omelettes had by me and a colleague, and an outrageously-priced pot of tea for her. Too many other places to go in Tbilisi to mess about with that nonsense.

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