Monday, August 22, 2011

Rustavi: Mother Bread

At Levan's Farm, we saw an old, traditional Georgian bread oven - a "tone" (toh-nay) - used to make "deda puri," or "mother's bread."

"Tone" oven at Levan's farm

(The tone oven also serves well for roasting meat.)

Deda puri. Credit: Georgian Cuisine

Today, I walked down to the church next to the marshurtka station. I looked into the window of a building at the edge of the church compound, and I saw bread being made in a very large tone oven.

The bread being made in this large tone is mesxuri puri. ("Puri" is bread.)

When I expressed interest in the bread, the baker gave me a round. It was still hot.

Fresh mesxuri bread

In the church compound was an empty, tiled pool.

On my way back home, I took this photo of my building address:

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