Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wright City: Cedar Lake Cellars

Carol and I saw the sign for a winery, so we followed Stringtown Road off of M to Cedar Lake Cellars.

Photo credit: Stephanie Flakne

Who'd have thought such a beautiful winery operation hides out behind Wright City, that nondescript notch along Interstate 70?

(Well, it does have the Elvis-cum-Jesus sign that is kind of eye-catching.)

Cedar Lake Cellars has a lush expanse of bright green lawn; a pleasing lake, plus sprightly red Adirondack chairs sprinkled throughout. Red barns. A very pretty stone-and-wood wine-tasting facility. Ali and Jaye provided live music.

 Carol liked when they sang this song:

A pleasant way to spend an afternoon! Drinking wine and listening to music by green grass and cool water.

Before we hit the winery, we had sought out free wine and cheese at a display house in Innsbruck, also outside of Wright City. We agreed the house has an overly-ambitious price, but the pretty scenery off the deck is hard to beat:

Dogwoods in Innsbruck, MO

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