Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ethiopia Round-Up: What Did My Trip Cost?

Looks like the total cost = $3413 for two months, including air fare.

It also includes costs at the airports coming and going, such as beverages, a book, and internet access.

Air fare was about $1300, leaving $2113 for travel, or about $1000 each month.

Not included:

  • Travel insurance @ $197 from World Nomads (cost of which depends on destination, duration of stay, one's age, and one's country of origin - U.S. residents pay more)
  • Replacement of stolen camera
  • Items purchased in advance of trip, such as clothing items, inflatable pillow, and the like

Budget calculator resources:

1.     Independent Traveler's Travel Budget Calculator
2.     Budget Your Trip

3.    How To Plan an Itinerary and Budget, from Seat 61

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