Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Security: Changing Passwords

I changed many passwords last week.

Two reasons:
  1. It was on my google calendar to do so, as my last set of changes occurred three months previously; and 
  2. Just got back from an extensive trip outside my home country, where I'd relied on internet cafes. 

It took some time to change my passwords. This is because: .

  • I have a lot of accounts that require passwords, and I don't use the same password for all of my email, banking, purchasing, and other accounts. 
  • Changing the passwords on some email accounts meant reconfiguring another email's info so it could properly fetch the mail from those accounts.
  • I needed to update the encrypted tool I use to manage passwords.

But about calendaring my password-change prompt - Here is a counter-intuitive article by Bruce Schneier, along with interesting discussion about the need to change passwords at all.

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