Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Stuff Released

Door to jewelry stall outside Monument Valley
This weekend, I'm releasing these photos I shot and framed, to sister2:

Outside my door at Adobe Wall Motel, Taos, NM. All rights reserved.

Plus this painting, which I love, bought from Ken Nelson (pictured), owner of the now-defunct Pink Schoolhouse Gallery outside of Taos, NM, in Tres Piedras.

To Carol, I released these photos I shot and framed, taken in the Museo de la Memoria in Tlaxcala, Mexico:

All rights reserved

All rights reserved

Plus some beautiful bird prints to sister2.

This past week, I also released several Tony Hillerman books to the wild.

With the exception of some camping gear and cold-weather clothing, I do believe I'll get all of my earthly goods into the space of two pieces of luggage and a backpack. Not quite there yet, but very close.

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