Monday, April 18, 2011

Ethiopia Round-up: My New, New-Old Camera

Back here, I described the camera I bought to replace the camera stolen from me in Ethiopia.

Alas, there was a problem with the used Canon SD800 I bought, and I had to return it.

From Amazon: Canon SD600
Today, I received my new, new-old camera - a Canon SD600, which is the same model stolen from me! It was a damn good camera, and since I already had a second battery and the battery charger, why not? The new-old camera came with another battery, another battery charger, and a nice case.

So, in case you lost count between one and .... two, I now have: one camera, one memory card, two batteries, two camera cases, and two battery chargers. For redundance simplicity, I'll buy a second Canon SD600 and a second memory card.

The replacement Canon SD600 cost me $62.50 on ebay, including shipping. If all goes well, I'll buy the second SD600 for $52.00, including shipping.**

Having my camera stolen was a sad experience, and I regret the beautiful photos I never got to take. With economical redundancy, and very little extra "mass," I feel better prepared for the next trip.

**Update: Done.

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