Monday, July 27, 2020

Birmingham, AL: A Judgmental Map

I forget how I got here, but so glad I did: Birmingham: The Magic Sub-Reddit.

Among other whimsical, witty, and actually useful items, the forum introduced me to the Judgmental Map of Birmingham

Birmingham, ALby AnonymousCopr. 2014 Judgmental Maps. All Rights Reserved.
Judgmental map of Birmingham, Alabama. Credit: Judgmental Maps.

Of course, I immediately sought out my neighborhood on the map.

Of course, I'm not going to tell you where that is at this point, but I will say that I:
  1. Felt relieved that I hadn't moved to the "undiscovered bodies" neighborhood; and
  2. Raised an eyebrow and said to myself, "huh," when I saw the characterization of the one I did move to, with said "huh" signifying a long, "hmmmmm," about which even I'm not sure what I mean. 

My favorite designation is "angry retired engineers."

There's also a wicked judgmental map of Alabama, with sidebars on its neighbors:

Alabamaby AnonymousCopr. 2018 Judgmental Maps. All Rights Reserved.
Judgmental map of Alabama. Credit: Judgmental Maps.

My favorite Alabama designation: "Life's lost luggage."

And Huntsville:

Huntsville, ALby Jacob and John R.Copr. 2016 Jacob and John R. All Rights Reserved.
Judgmental map of Huntsville, Alabama. Credit: Judgmental Maps.

The Huntsville map has a Republicants neighborhood, a designation I had to look up.

In 2013, I shared some maps that purport to show how Americans view the world.

St. Louis has a judgmental map, but it is only sad. Kansas City has one, and it is only mean. Missouri, I'm glad I divorced ye.

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