Saturday, July 25, 2020

Birmingham, AL: My Home Sounds

Church bells

Endearingly, never on the hour, but close. Not this Birmingham bell tower, although the Hilltop bells are nice, too. As is the birdsong before the bells.

Emergency vehicle siren

I'm just around the corner from a fire station with an EMT crew. They get called several times a day.

Ambulance, Mescalero 4th of July Parade. Mescalero, New Mexico. July 2013.

Train horn

If I walk to the corner of the apartment complex campus, I can see the tracks.

The Birmingham train that goes by my place doesn't sound like this, but it's an excuse to replay my mix from Juarez Museum of the Revolution below:

And an El Paso train:

Sometimes the siren startles me, but most times these three sounds give my new surroundings an audio texture that pleases me.

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