Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Birmingham, AL: " Best Little Dangerous City in the South"

Arrested Development, 2015 Baton Rouge Blues Fest. Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Another nod of appreciation to Birmingham: The Magic Sub-Reddit for introducing me to one of Birmingham's nicknames: Best Little Dangerous City in the South.

I don't find any other references to this nickname, so it's likely the creator of this sub-Reddit coined the name. I like it!

If Neighborhood Scout is to be believed, why, Birmingham is actually safer than ........ one percent of US cities.

Heheheheh. I like how the site frames this stat. Reminds me of a lecture by Randy Pausch, who shared how Disney World employees are trained to focus on positive frames instead of negative ones. For example, instead of saying the park closes at 10:00, they say, "we're open until 10!"

Do I think crime is funny? Of course not.

What I find witty about this nickname is that it acknowledges that Birmingham has a problem and has good things to offer, so come on down and have fun with us!

I thought to dig on crime stats some, where we get 'em, how they get interpreted, etc., but instead I'll riff off the word "arrested" and go with Arrested Development, a band I saw perform at a Baton Rouge Blues Fest five years back. My photo is blurry, but mein gott, the performer in front has awesome muscular power!

Their video, Tennessee, which is a work of art in multiple layers:

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