Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Geography Lesson: Americans' Map of the World

To follow up on yesterday's geography lesson, I love these maps of the world as purportedly seen through the eyes of Americans. .... if we can't laugh at ourselves sometimes, then we're in trouble, right?

And note that I say laugh at ourselves - I don't support the sneering, condescending tone that some Americans adopt toward fellow citizens.

American map of the world. Credit: Cruise Critic forum

American map of the world. Credit: Intercultural Meanderings

Reagan's map of the world. Credit: Intercultural  Meanderings

Truthfully, it's kind of hard for me to laugh at the Reagan map of the world. Under his administration, we did (or enabled) some vile, despicable things in Central and South America. We denied desperate pleas for asylum from terrified Central Americans seeking refuge in the U.S. from death and torture because granting them asylum would have acknowledged that the governments we supported with financial and military resources were the perpetrators of said death and torture. It sickened me when George W. brought back players from that dark time to his administration, such as John Negroponte and Elliot Abrams.  Jesus, looking back on this is depressing. Not that I'm thrilled with Obama's apparent disinterest in restoring some civil freedoms we used to have in the U.S., before the so-called Patriot Act. 

OK, getting a grip .... 

American map of Asia. Credit: e-junkie info

There are also maps of the world according to other countries. Here's a view of the world by the British:

British map of the world. Credit: e-junkie info

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