Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Columbus, New Mexico, Part 8: The Library

I don't generally take special note of libraries in my travels.

Portal, Arizona, was an exception for its cozy vibe, how it sits prettily behind gorgeous, maternal cottonwoods, and for the pleasing sight of the returned-book cart, al fresco.

The Columbus Village Library is another exception.

Remember that Columbus has significantly fewer than 2000 residents. I'll add that the median household income of Columbus is $17,639, as compared to New Mexico's median income of $43,028. (And by the way, Missouri's median household income is $45,229.)

When I walked into the library, the first room I entered was a communal living room. Yes, there was a small bank of computers on my right, serving two or three gentlemen, but mostly I noted the fireplace, the sofa, the very comfortable, upholstered slider chairs, the coffee table, the family-style lighting. I sat in one of those slider chairs for awhile, imagining Columbus residents gathering here for coffee and chat.

Columbus Village Library, Columbus, New Mexico

Presently, I got up and poked around some more. I walked through a hallway and entered a large, bright room filled with computers and a number of attendant residents, mostly youngish.

Columbus Village Library, Columbus, New Mexico

Did some more wandering around, appreciated the nice bathroom, and ended up in the main library room with the majority of books and the staffer on duty.

Columbus Village Library, Columbus, New Mexico

I asked the gentleman how many computers the library had -- 33. I asked how the library had acquired so many, and he said it had received a grant, in some way connected to the fact that Columbus has/had a colonia community, and met median-income qualifications, i.e. Columbus is a relatively poor community.

Since so many Columbus-area residents can't afford computers or the internet access, the library provides a vital service to students and adults. Free access to computers and the internet helps to even the playing field for children from low-income households.

The McCune Charitable Foundation is one organization that has awarded grants to the Columbus Village Library.

Having some experience with grant applications and grant management, I can tell you that it speaks volumes (get it, volumes, the library?) .... that Columbus has people with the skill and the willingness to write grant applications and the effective processes in place to administer them. It also speaks well for the library and the community that they have created such a welcoming space for residents.

(The library used to be a tavern, apparently, and the owners got into some sort of trouble with the law, and it had to be shut down.)

The library has bought the adjacent lot and plans to expand its facility.

Columbus Village Library, Columbus, New Mexico

I am mighty impressed by the Columbus Village Library.


Annie Jeffries said...

If the library isn't the heart of Columbus, it is surely one of its vital organs. The brain, most likely.

Anonymous said...

it looks like a really nice space. I can imagine warm conversations in front of a fire on a cold NM night, coffee and doughnuts, thoughts and gossip of the day mmmm. A remote and perhaps poor place money wise, but rich in other ways. The isolation is somehow inviting to big city person like myself, perhaps I will make it there for visit one day, thanks for sharing!