Thursday, May 16, 2013

Portability: World Clock Revisited

In December 2012, I recounted my search for a useful world-time application.

I'd found a pretty good app, but I continued to search for better than pretty good.

Well, I succeeded.

World Time Buddy is my new default app for comparing time zones. I don't have to log in, it's free, and I can flip between 24-hour and 12-hour easily. With the free level, I can have up to four zones visible simultaneously, and the default shows my own time zone among the four.

World Time Buddy home page

Also, when I go to World Time Buddy, the home page is the zone-comparison page.

With Time and Date (see below), you have to drill down from the home page to get what you need.

Time and Date home page

World Time Buddy is visually cleaner and "quieter" than Time and Date. I don't like a lot of visual clutter on websites. 

World Time Buddy is one of my new best portable friends.

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