Monday, September 5, 2016

Wyoming: Cheyenne And Nearabouts

Cemetery, Cheyenne, Wyoming. May 2016.

My sister, Murphy, and I popped up to Cheyenne, Wyoming when I visited her in Longmont, Colorado, in May.

Murphy hadn't yet done any Wyoming prowling, so it was a mutual exploration of something new.

My main takeaways:
  1. Cheyenne, the town. I liked the vibe! It would be a place to consider lingering in for months or even a year. But the winter's cold and snow take it off my list. 
  2. Wyoming's rest areas/visitor centers. Murphy and I stopped in at two. Wowser. Impressive for their interior and exterior designs and their exhibits. 
  3. What's the name of the college town? Right, Laramie. We passed through after taking the Happy Jack loop from Cheyenne en route to Longmont. Unremarkable. Of course, the infamous torture and killing of the young student in 1998 is burned into my brain. 
Cheyenne, Wyoming. May 2016.


Murphy and I lunched at the Rib & Chop House downtown. I ordered the Chophouse Caesar Salad with the sirloin + bacon. Delish.

2016 Depot Days

We happened to visit Cheyenne during its 2016 Depot Days event. Many train aficionados attended. Watching the model train setup in the historic train depot mesmerized. The video below:

As part of the Depot Days, a double-decker bus shuttled people between the historic depot and the fairgrounds on the edge of town. A sunny day it was, and Murphy and I chose the upper, open-air deck of the bus. It was an easy-button way to see some of the Cheyenne neighborhoods.

Cheyenne, Wyoming. May 2016.

Gosh, I just loved the color play between that luscious red building and the fresh, baby-green foliage on the square.

Cheyenne, Wyoming. May 2016.

Murphy had a hankerin' to visit the city cemetery, so we did. It was a fruitful visit, with its greenery and graceful white stones. And the Maynards, may they rest in peace.

Cemetery, Cheyenne, Wyoming. May 2016.

Rest Area / Visitor Center / Welcome Center / Whatever

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Monument

A beauty. 

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Monument, Wyoming. May 2016.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Monument, Wyoming. May 2016.

View from Abraham Lincoln Memorial Monument, Wyoming. May 2016.

Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center aka Wyoming Travel and Tourism

I don't have any pictures of this center, but I was impressed by the exhibits within, the interior design, and the mid-century-ish, Frank Lloyd Wrightian exterior design. There are marvelous photos and commentary here.

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