Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Matter of Stuff and Space Revisited

My apartment 2015.

After a year in a Lafayette apartment that was in a spectacular location, but which was dark and dismal, it liberates the spirit to be back in a place filled with empty space and light.

Here's a sample of recent stories of folks who've downsized in a major way: 

A Journey to Minimalism: How This Woman Downsized From a 2-BR Condo to 1 Room, Forbes, by Laura Shin.

Well. I thought I'd see some new stuff out there and I'm not. What I have begun to see is the glamification of the tiny house movement, where people with apparently lots of money meet up with tiny-house makers to cook up grand schemes to transfer said money to the said house makers. Yawn.

I've written a lot about stuff, space, and the mathematics of same, which you can dabble in here.

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